Oh Costco. I don’t know what to do with you. You take such good care of me. But just when I think we were meant to be, you rip my heart apart with your impulse purchases (or are they mine?). Sweet Costco. Last week I read a fascinating article about your pumpkin pies. You know I buy one every weekend starting in September and ending in January. In fact, my Saturday long runs are not to brag or increase my speed, but to work off the pumpkin pie I eat on Friday afternoons. Damn you Costco. Oh well, on to my loyal readers.

Readers, I am in love with Costco pumpkin pies. My friend Heather turned me on to them years ago. I mocked her at first. She knows this. But with many things about Heather–she was right and she was smart about it. And if you mock the Costco pie, let me educate you with a few facts:

1. All Costco pumpkin pies are made from scratch on location. Right there in the bakery of your own Costco. From s-c-r-a-t-c-h.
2. Costco Bakeries receive their canned pumpkin (key ingredient) from Costco’s own pumpkin patch, located in Peoria, IL (a 700 acre pumpkin patch mind you).
3. These heavenly delights are seasonal; only available from September 1st through December 31st.
4. A 12″ inch pumpkin pie costs $5.99 and feeds about 12 people. A homemade pumpkin pie costs about $3.50 (not including labor and mess) and feeds 6 people. You do the math. And add in your labor time. Just sayin’.

Happy Thanksgiving Prep Week. Actually, I’m not doing any prepping this week…just thinking and debating about the best stuffing. Suggestions?

And FYI, Costco is doing my no favors with the publication of this post. I’m just a huge fan.

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One Response to Dessert: Costco Delight–The Pumpkin Pie

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks to you, we are in love as well! We already plan on taking it to parents for the big thanksgiving feast. And, we are major ‘from scratch omly’ pie crust people, but I am amazed by costco’s crust, delicious!!!

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