I won’t say names but my friend Jen has a funny story. She served this really amazing dish one time (I can’t even link to the dish or tell you what kind of dish because it would give the story away) and brought it to a girls’ day out gathering. Her friends loved the dish. So, doing what Jen does, she shared her goodness. She gave everyone the recipe. All was well. A few months later, she showed up at a birthday party and saw her now famous dish sitting on the table. “Wow,” she thought, “I’m glad people liked it so much they’re still making it.” She went on with her day, enjoyed the function and went home. Days later she was talking to a friend who said “Could you believe the salad that Sally brought to Harry’s birthday party? It was amazing! I asked Sally for the recipe.” Not being petty, Jen thought nothing of it. Well she thought nothing of it until Sally started handing out the recipe with the title reading “Sally’s Famous Dish”. Today the recipe circulates through many a circle and is know as Sally’s. It’s not Sally’s. It’s Jen’s. Knowing this grave injustice, I’m giving you one of Jen’s recipes. Not mine. Not Sally’s. Just Jen’s. Love you, sister.

A word to the wise. This recipe has very few measurements. It’s a salad so combine a lot or a little of whatever suits your fancy. I’m constantly asking Jen for recipes over the phone, so I rarely write down measurements (unless we’re baking of course; don’t want to mess that up).

Jen’s Comfort Salad Extraordinaire

Romain Lettuce
bacon, cooked and broken to bits
swiss cheese, shredded
red onion, thinly sliced
mushrooms, washed well and sliced, and fresh
cottage cheese, drained

Prep ingredients and toss. Dressing for this scrumptious salad is below.

Jen’s Dressing:
1 cup sugar
bit of salt
2 tsp mustard
2/3 cup apple cider vinegar
2 cups vegetable oil
1 Tblsp poppy seeds

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One Response to Salad: Romaine Salad with Goodness, aka Jen’s salad

  1. EmRuss says:

    do you know that I love your stories almost as much as your recipes. Love.

    So my mom has a similar recipe for spinach salad but hers is lacking the 2 cheeses. Tragedy, I think!! I think I just might have to switch to Jen’s recipe (and I will think of her -and you- every time I make it now!!

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