Ladies (I’m not ashamed to admit that all or most of you reading this are in fact Ladies)–

It is time. Summer has arrived (well, sort of…my posse doesn’t get out until June 23rd. Yes you read that right–June 23rd). At our house, the first few days of summer are magical–new flip flops, swimming parties, loud music throughout the house while we clean out our backpacks. But within a week, reality sets in. What do I make for lunch? I remember having this problem last summer. I can think of a few fun sandwiches*, but that only lasts for so long. What kinds of lunches do you make in the summer? I really need help here. Last summer my oldest daughter said she was “quesadillad out”–whatever that means. Don’t be shy. Share your ideas for a fun and easy summer lunch so we can all benefit.

*Turkey wrap:
large pita bread or wraps
sliced deli turkey
lettuce, sliced tomatoes
a bit of salt

Spread a bit of mayo and mustard over pita bread. Place sliced turkey lettuce and tomatoes over bread. Salt tomatoes just a bit. Roll wrap tightly. Slice. If the wrap starts to unroll, stick it with a toothpick–the kiddies get a kick out of toothpicks.


6 Responses to Lunch: What to do, What to do

  1. jenlinmin says:

    A little avocado is an absolute MUST in any turkey wrap I make! I'm a big fan of leftovers for lunch… I get "quesadillad out" and "sandwiched out" pretty fast too. Also, we're not afraid to snack our way through the day and forget "lunch" completely; you know, a berry/yogurt/granola parfait here, some veggies and hummus there… Good luck… I'll definitely be checking back to see what REAL ideas you get from people

  2. myimaginaryblog says:

    Okay, I need to make major modifications to my mental image to accommodate your having a daughter who can say things like "quesadillad out." (Love that.)

    My answer to what's for lunch is a lot like Jenny's as far as the leftovers and snacking go. We also do fresh or canned fruit, fresh veggies, string cheese or slices of cheddar cheese, crackers or chips (Wheat Thins, graham crackers — today the graham crackers had frosting leftover from Dean's birthday cake,) and my kids recently acquired the taste for microwave nachos. And I just did quesadillas for the very first time in years a couple of weeks ago. :)

    Pretty much my kids can eat whatever's at hand that requires no cooking other than a few seconds in the microwave. Also, sometimes in summer I make the older kids get lunch for themselves and the younger kids.

  3. belmomma says:

    so I bought nutella for my kids the other day, thanks to your love and testimony of said product. It was gone in less than 5 hrs. Jim & kids inhaled it….

  4. Becky says:

    this is my biggest summer time complaint as my kitchen never stays clean feeding people all day! I am sorry to say I have no fresh ideas at our house as my daughter just said, "we eat mexican at our house every day!" and this was sadly in a tone of disgust instead of excitement. I'm loving the yogurt parfait idea!

    When my kids were littler we did do a regular "faces lunch" where I'd make faces out of apple slices and such. . . when they got older and I was in a rush we called it "artist lunch" and they had to make their own face creations with the food I supplied! They really got into it. . .A little marketing know how can help any stay at home mome :)

  5. SLP says:

    cape cod chicken salad:

    2 cans of chicken (costco)
    2 healthy tsp of miracle whip
    red onion
    1 can of water chesnuts (or celeary for crunch)
    handful of dried cranberries
    fresh parsley
    salt and pepper to taste

    serve on crackers at the beach, bread with lettuce for a sandwich etc. my summer staple.

    other big summer meal items is won ton chicken salad (20 min to prep so more of a dinner item i guess), pasta tuna salad (lunch or dinner), omletts (with lots of veggies and cheese)…

  6. Snows says:

    Love the pita sandwiches as well as all these comments, Becca. Thanks for ideas and questions. Anyone have a good recipe for gazpacho? I've lost mine; maybe children wouldn't like it, but you could try. Also, how about a cold fruit soup or shake with lots of fruit? Love, Ruth Lynne

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