Hello again! I’m back! Not back with a vengeance, just back. And do you want to know what I was doing this summer? I’ll show you.

That’s right. Taking a break. No cooking. I succumbed to all sorts of sugar cereals, prepackaged bread (that lasts on the shelf for well over a week), fast food, Hostess bakery products, and last but not least: canned whipped cream–my personal favorite. But, my suitcases are exploded on my bed–now ready to unpack, and the girls have received their class assignments and are ready to buy school supplies. Now I am on the hunt for recipes that will make our Fall transition as tasty as can be. Which brings me to you. Do you have a favorite sandwich bread recipe? I don’t care if it’s white or wheat–I’m just looking for a tasty homemade sandwich bread that will make my girls smile. Please help. And happy end of summer to you all.


8 Responses to Cooking: Back from the Break

  1. Kendra says:

    Ooooh! I do! it is a Honey Oatmeal Bread! All my kids love it. Shall I email it to you? I am also curious to see what other bread recipes come your way.

  2. Seamore Tomato says:

    Kendra's bread is exactly what I was going to suggest. It is so delicious! I begged for that recipe after she brought me a loaf of bread. Mmmmm!

  3. Jennette says:

    I want it too! I think that we're a little burned out on the classic loaf that we've been eating for, oh, the last 6 or 7 years. Not that it isn't good, but you know….

    p.s. Welcome back. I'm looking forward to the full report sometime.

  4. Snows says:

    You should see Albanians with that whipped topping! They will eat complete mouths full. There is a wonderful product here, not dairy based, that whips up just beautifully, too. Glad you took the time to do fun things with extended family. Love,

  5. lindsi says:

    I don't have any bread recipes for you Becca, but I did post a yummy dinner recipe on my blog that you and your family might enjoy!

  6. jenlinmin says:

    With Kendra's permission, could you post this honey oatmeal bread recipe? Pretty please with LOTS of sugar on top?

  7. Rebecca says:

    I'll post Kendra's Recipe ASAP. She even gave me her permission. Such a dear one, she is.

  8. myimaginaryblog says:

    I have to admit I was kind of happy to see that you do take breaks from real cooking. (Although I would have to *start* doing real cooking before I could be said to be taking a break from it.)

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